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On the Issues

2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. The NRA has awarded me an "A" rating for my efforts to defend Second Amendment rights.

Immigration and Border Security

Immigration and border security issues are especially urgent here in Arizona, but unfortunately we’ve seen many elected officials and candidates use these issues for their own political gain instead of actually solving the problems.

Jobs for Arizona

It’s all about jobs.  We need jobs in Greater Arizona, and we need to get folks back to work.  Our middle class has been smashed by the recession and is struggling to keep up with the rising cost of basic living expenses, gasoline, college education, and health care. I am committed to making Greater Arizona home to a revived middle class by making the creation of good-paying local jobs my top priority. 

Protecting Medicare and Social Security

Our seniors worked hard and held jobs their whole lives to earn the benefits that Medicare and Social Security provide. During this economic downturn, seniors are counting on Social Security and Medicare more than ever, and after years of hard work, they deserve the peace of mind these programs provide.

Building Critical Infrastructure

I strongly support creating thousands of good-paying jobs in Greater Arizona and empowering our economic recovery through investments in critical infrastructure projects.

Investing in education

As the mother of two daughters, I know that the roots of future success are found in a good education. Our children will have to compete for jobs not just with their classmates, but with the entire world. Our children deserve a world-class education.

Protecting our natural resources

In Greater Arizona, we are surrounded by magnificent natural treasures, and it is our responsibility to be diligent stewards of our environment. Our natural resources can serve as economic engines for our communities and bring jobs to Greater Arizona. We must also remember to safeguard our environmental resources by preserving their past and protecting their future.

Honoring our Veterans

For years, I have kept a quote on my desk that was given to me by a veteran. It reads, “Because they have already paid the price, fight for veterans with all your might.” The heroic sacrifices our fighting men and women have made for our country must be honored with our unfailing support of veterans benefits and veterans' programs like job placement, health care, and education. I pledge to continue to serve and fight for our veterans each and every day.

Fiscal Responsibility

Growing up in the White Mountains, I learned how to do more with less. As a local small business owner, I learned the value of a dollar and the importance of living within your means. I also learned what a critical role our small businesses play in creating local jobs and building a sense of community.

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