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Paton's 9 Lies

Oct. 22, 2012

FLAGSTAFF -- Today, Jonathan Paton's national GOP backers are launching a vicious new TV assault on Ann Kirkpatrick's character. Character matters, so it's time for a closer look at how Paton has conducted himself on the campaign trail.

Lies #1, 2, 3 and 4: Paton falsifies Kirkpatrick’s voting record

Paton told the Maricopa Republican Club, the Flagstaff Tea Party and other audiences that Kirkpatrick supported:

--Cap and Trade. (WRONG: Kirkpatrick voted against it)
--Bailouts. (WRONG: Kirkpatrick opposed every bailout)
--Cash for Clunkers (WRONG: Kirkpatrick voted against it)
--Dodd-Frank (WRONG: Kirkpatrick voted against it)

Here is audio and video of Paton lying about Kirkpatrick's record.


Lie #5: Paton claims Kirkpatrick cut Medicare cut by $716 billion

-- “Paton needs a checkup on Medicare ad” (Arizona Daily Sun, 9/9/10)
-- “a dubious claim that incorrectly suggests service cuts.” (Arizona Republic, 9/14/12)


Lie #6: Paton and Republicans claim the Affordable Care Act kills jobs

--“‘Obamacare’ as job-killer way off base” (Arizona Daily Sun, 9/23/12)


Lie #7: Paton claims Kirkpatrick left a Holbrook “town hall” in 2009

--“It's misleading to portray one-on-one meetings held in the entrance of a Safeway store as a town hall.” (AZ Fact Check, 10/25/10)


Lie #8: Paton pretends Kirkpatrick canceled the first general-election debate

--“Peter Michaels, news director of Arizona Public Media, said no debate was expected.” (Arizona Republic AZDC blog, 9/14/12)


Lie #9: Paton claims he’s “always been consistent” on women's health issues

--View Paton's answers on the extremist Center for Arizona Policy questionnaires – 2010 and 2012 -- and compare with his comments to Tucson Weekly and Arizona Daily Star.


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