Border Security / Immigration

Border Security

I have been working for years with law enforcement to deal with Washington's failure to get control of our border region. I know what is at stake for Greater Arizona, and that is why I am opposed to the boycott and the federal lawsuit against Arizona. The boycotts hurt our working families and small businesses and do nothing to help us secure our border and move forward on reforming our broken immigration system. The federal lawsuit against Arizona is an empty, unproductive response to a challenge that needs a serious, effective resolution.

Arizonans are fed up with Washington's inaction and so am I. To protect our communities, we must strengthen security along our border, crack down on the cartels and smugglers, and address illegal immigration.

I believe that Congress needs to fix America's broken immigration system with a national immigration strategy, and that has to start with border security. I am working to send the National Guard to the border to put more boots on the ground in the short term, greatly expand the U.S. Border Patrol to strengthen security in the long term, support local law enforcement as they deal with the consequences of the federal government's failed policies, and make sure that Arizona taxpayers don't have to pick up the bill.